Promotion of Intangible Cultural Heritage Music – ‘Cantonese Naamyam’

Saturday, April 17, 2021 16:00     Mandarin's House    

Au Kuan Cheong is the only master of Cantonese Naamyam in Hong Kong and Macao. As a living fossil of intangible cultural heritage, Mr.  Au Kuan Cheong will sing and speak in Cantonese, interpreting the traditional rap music of the Pearl River Delta region, together with a performance by the Macao Chinese Orchestra. The audience can enjoy the unique technique of "Cantonese Naamyam" in Macao, in which the unique mode and sound tuning method will inevitably recall the local culture. And with the residential characteristics of the Mandarin House, the unique heritage of Macao is experienced through the music.

Cantonese Naamyam can be divided into two types: the Onstage Naamyam (Cantonese Opera Naamyam) and Ground Water Naamyam. The Onstage Naamyam is a Naamyam tune that is incorporated into a Cantonese opera piece to meet the needs of the plot, usually occupying only one passage in the piece, while the Ground Water Naamyam is a complete story.

Concert Details
Date: 2021-04-17 (Saturday)
Time: 16:00
Venue: Mandarin's House
Duration: Approximately 60 minutes without intermission
Tickets: Free admission

Outreach Programme
Sharing session of the development and appreciation of Cantonese Naamyam