A Room with a View:
Baptiste Rabichon Photography Exhibition

Tap Seac Gallery
Free admission      Tap Seac Gallery     Free admission

Baptiste Rabichon is an emerging contemporary French photographic artist. He creates his works with a technique that combines traditional and innovative elements including analogue photography, digital images and projections of various objects from daily life.

Rabichon’s works are abundant with realistic, hallucinatory, amazing and experimental context and embody his ingenious ideas of breaking the boundaries of photography. The exhibition, featuring 41 pieces (sets) of Rabichon’s creations that introduce the contemporary expressions of photography, will be a feast of molecular gastronomy to the eyes of the photographic circle, art aficionados and general public of Macao, and invite viewers to explore further possibilities in artistic creation.


20210316150714_相簿xi album-xi-©-baptiste-rabichon
Album XI
20210316150714_聖馬塞爾大道70-號-#2 70-boulevard-saint-marcel-#2-©-baptiste-rabichon
70 boulevard Saint-Marcel #2