Once upon a time in Macao

Casa de Portugal em Macau

11/1 | Saturday | 16:00
Mount Fortress Garden 

12/1 | Sunday | 16:00
Camões Garden

    Camões Garden, Mount Fortress Garden     Free

# Music, Puppet 

A melodic journey from past to present

Once upon a time in Macao aims to raise young people’s awareness of the history and culture of Macao through music and communion between past and present. The songs represent exploratory and fantasy scenarios associated with places and experiences of Macao that can be part of one’s imagination. This is an invitation for the little ones, as well as their families, to discover our city together in a concert full of adventures.

Duration: Approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes

Performed in Portuguese

Poems by: Diana Soeiro
Musical Composition: Miguel Andrade and Tomás Ramos de Deus
Musicians: Miguel Andrade, Tomás Ramos de Deus, Paulo Pereira, Ivan Pineda and Luís Bento
Choreography: Paulo Negreiros