Hua Yuan


07.06 - 20.10

Ink flows with the history and art of Chinese culture, and MGM presents a modern artistic ink experience, Hua Yuan. A Metamorphosis: No End to End, by Jennifer Wen Ma, takes ink to a subliminal level. Meanwhile, Yang harnesses technology and videography to showcase the transformation of Chinese ink via a digital landscape painting, Journey to the Dark II. The grand finale of Hua Yuan is the highly creative one-act installation opera Paradise Interrupted which will be performed at MGM Theater. Paradise Interrupted is a brand new music composition that uses Kun opera form as the spring board of inspiration, and integrates different levels of art forms such as Chinese traditional opera, western opera, visual installation and theater art together innovatively but smoothly and finally sublimates the ink art to a new level than ever before. Through Hua Yuan, the essence of Chinese culture and art is preserved and progressed, allowing the public to experience the beauty of ink and wonder at its possibilities.

20190412121158_yang yongliang_journey to the dark_part 2.tif

A Metamorphosis: No End to End
Jennifer Wen Ma