Flâneur, C’est Toi: The Rise of Promenade Performance

Fundação Rui Cunha     Fundação Rui Cunha    


Fundação Rui Cunha

Speaker:  Ling-chih Chow
Language: Mandarin

Nowadays, theatre is not necessarily sedentary anymore. Instead, audience are instructed to stroll on the streets, unconsciously becoming “flâneur” and part of the show. The term “flâneur” was first coined to describe the phenomenon of 19th century urban life in Paris, which literally means stroller. However, do we really know the secret of flâneur?




Ling-chih Chow

Chow is a writer, curator, art critic, scriptwriter and theatre artist. She is also a Chinese-French translator and lecturer specialised in aesthetics in theatre and theatre-making. Bachelor of Arts in Aesthetics from the Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, and Master of Arts in Theatre Studies from the Université Rennes 2, Chow organises features for publications and magazines, as well as lectures and workshops. She also participates in various art festivals, theatre and dance productions in different roles and engages in writing art critics, reportage and other articles. Deemed herself as a slashie moving around the city with a rucksack.