Tranquillity Transmission

Morgan O’Hara (U.S.) and Artistry of Wind Box Community Development Association

18/1 Friday 20:00
19, 20/1 Saturday, Sunday 17:30
    At Light     Tickets: MOP 120

# Dance, Multimedia

Duration: approximately 1 hour
Suitable for people aged 6 or above
Remark: Audience will need to sit on the floor during the performance

“The event will fade away, but the true essence will remain inscribed on the body.”  French anthropologist Françoise Héritier

According to the laws of nature, disease gradually erodes the body, causing life to fade away. A few years before her death, French anthropologist Françoise Héritier wrote The Sweetness of Life. The book starts with a letter the author sent to her doctor and then became a long list of everyday reasons that make life worth living.
Local video artist Joein Leong and dancer Oscar Cheong, will join hands with American artist Morgan O’Hara, who is renowned for her Live Transmission drawing, to explore the meaning of disappearance and incompletion of life. It is a recollection of what has disappeared and a testimony of what is gone.

Director and Choreography: J Lei
Dancer: Oscar Cheong
Live Drawing: Morgan O’Hara (U.S.)
Video Creation: Joein Leong
Production: Artistry of Wind Box Community Development Association