Interactive Urban Music Ensemble

Little Studio Ensemble

12/1 Saturday 14:00
13, 19, 20, 26/1 Sunday, Saturday 16:00; 17:00
12-27/1 Exhibition
Jorge Álvares Square
    Jorge Álvares Square     Free

# Music, Installation, Exhibition

Duration: approximately 15 minutes

What you see is what you hear

Interactive Urban Music Ensemble is an installation built around the concept of having different playable instruments graffitied and assembled into an outdoor free-to-join orchestra.

In a merge of street artand electronics, each instrument is connected through sensors, electronics and a bit of magic to feed each painting with life and music. Spectators will interact with the installation and realise that the paintings can actually play music. Be it a guqin solo or a scratch and a beat, everyone is welcomed to join the treat.