100 Hours

Comuna de Pedra Arts and Cultural Association

22/1 15:00 - 26/1 19:00     Rotunda de Carlos da Maia     Free

# Live Art

“There are two types of happiness: one is you don’t get what you love, then you can seek and create it; the other is you get what you love, then you can savour and experience it.” - Sigmund Freud

We keep creating yet also destroying at the same time. Although we know that our creation will be moved, damaged or even destroyed one day, we still continue to create. In this case, what is the meaning of creation and existence?

The artist will spend five days creating an “abode” in Rotunda de Carlos da Maia, where she will camp, live, and chat with people of the neighborhood, and even post online a diary about her experience on the site. On the last day, the artist will personally destroy her created abode to explore issues of creation and destruction by mankind.

Concept and Performer: Jenny Mok