Gandini Juggling (U.K.)

11, 12/1 Friday, Saturday 20:00
Old Court Building, 2nd Floor (no elevator)     Old Court Building, 2nd floor (no elevator)     Tickets: MOP 120

# Dance, Juggling

Duration: approximately 50 minutes
Suitable for people aged 6 or above

A mix of juggling, geometry and classical Indian dance

A production by Gandini Juggling and celebrated bharatanatyam dancer and choreographer Seeta Patel, Sigma showcases exuberant rhythms, patterns and colours with the use of a mirrored set, celebrating the dialogue between the worlds of juggling, music and Indian classical dance. This cleverly crafted circus and dance piece investigates the virtuoso classical Indian geometries combined with mathematics and rhythm, transcending cultural barriers and stimulating imaginations.

Director: Sean Gandini
Rehearsal Director: Emma Lister
Choreographer: Seeta Patel
Lighting Design: Guy Hoare
Touring Technician : Martin McLachlan
Video Projection: Zsolt Balogh
Costume Design: Lydia Cawson
Sound Composition: Andy Cowton
Performers: Seeta Patel, Indu Panday, Kim Huynh and Kati Ylä-Hokkala