Plucked Strings Concert “Youth in a Flash”

Friday, January 25, 2019 20:00     Dom Pedro V Theatre Mirror Hall     Tickets: MOP 40

Artistic Director: Wu Qiang



Wu Qiang, conductor, famous liuqin and zhongruan performer and Professor at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, has been specially invited to be the artistic director for this season’s plucked strings concert. Together with contemporary Chinese music and straightforward works, Chinese music fans can definitely enjoy a brand-new experience. If you like plucked strings, don’t miss out on this concert!

Programme Highlights


Composition / Arrangement


Comp.: Zhou Yuguo

Dao-Chui-Lian; Three-Six

Guangdong and Jiangnan Silk and
Bamboo Music
Arr.: Gu Guanren

Seven Moments of Capriccio

Comp.: Liu Chang

Shibin Flower I & II

Comp.: Xu Jianqiang

(Macao Premiere)

Comp.: Liu Chang

Threads of Cloud

Comp.: Zhang Xin


Comp.: Liu Chang

Duration: approximately 1 hour, no intermission.