The Art of Zhang Daqian

23/5-6/8|10:00-19:00, no admittance after 18:30 (closed on Mondays)     Macao Museum of Art     Free admission

Outstanding modern Chinese artist Zhang Daqian was equally good at poetry, calligraphy and painting. During his early years, he lived in mainland China and travelled to many different places. At midlife, he wandered overseas and finally settled in Taipei in his later years. Zhang was talented and free-spirited. His art was exquisite and he had a noble and refined demeanour. This exhibition is an aggregation of the Sichuan Museum’s collection of Zhang Daqian’s masterpieces during his early and prime years, including his replicas of the murals when he was in Dunhuang and his landscape paintings, portraits, line drawings, letters and used seals before and after going to Dunhuang.

Among them, the landscape paintings, the portraits and the replicas of the Dunhuang murals, which highlight the relationship between imitating ancient works and creating original works, are definitely beneficial to the learners nowadays. Through the leisure seals adopted by Zhang Daqian, viewers can catch a glimpse of his outlook on life and his artistic views, leaving people with a lasting aftertaste. Moreover, many of the seals were created by famous seal carvers, thus rendering them extremely precious.