Constellation – Works by Nicolas Delaroche

27/5-8/10|10:00-21:00     Tap Seac Gallery     Free admission

The exhibition Constellation by Nicolas Delaroche will show a new series of photographs First Seen, a giant rock desert sculpture and paintings realised in Hangzhou under the title The Adventures of the Coyote in China.

First Seen, exploring thirty private art collections in Mainland China and Hong Kong, will be displayed in the main exhibition room of the Tap Seac Gallery. Visitors will be invited to explore and discover the images through telescopes placed in the centre of the exhibition room, bringing each spectator to reenact the process realised by the artist through the zoom framing reality.

The second and third rooms are dedicated to the artist’s self-observation using the figure of Coyote from the animation movie Road Runner. To see the series of paintings realised in Hangzhou displayed in the third room, visitors will walk through a massive inflated rock sculpture inspired by landscape from the animation movie.