Give it a Shot Series: The Day Can’t See the Dark Night

Natalie Pun

19,20/1|Thursday,Friday|20:00     Old Court Building     Tickets: MOP 50

#Theatre #Installation Art

We easily forget ourselves by day, while we thoroughly understand the meaning of existence by night. A parallel conversation between “brightness” and “darkness” will bring you an artistic exploration on living and surviving, encourage you to question the meaning of life.

Creation, Performer and Illustration Design: Natalie Pun
Deputy Stage Manager: So Tat Yan 
Assistant Stage Manager: Lúcifer.L
Props: Jansky Lei
Make-up: Kiwa Ieong
Music: S. Lao
Filming: Joey Leong and Derek Au Yeung
Theatre Consultant: Tam Chi Chun @ BOK Festival
Programme Coordinator: Lam Pik Wa @ BOK Festival
Administration and Planning Consultant: Erik Kuong @ BOK Festival
Administration Coordinator: Leong Ka Wai @ BOK Festival
Technical and Lighting Coordinator: Sofia Ung @ BOK Festival

Performed in Cantonese, no surtitles
Duration: approximately 1 hour, no interval