Classic Series - Concert by Macao Chinese Orchestra “Joyous Harmony” - Concert of the Masters in Cross-strait Four Regions

Sunday, October 9, 2016 20:00     Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium     Tickets: MOP 250, 200, 150, 100

Lingering Snow on the Broken Bridge - heart-wrenching love translated into the beautiful playing of strings, winds and flute;
The Sky with the Stars - shining stars and the music of liuqin, a love story under the starry sky;
Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger - strong folk music with percussion instruments, magnificent power that uplifts your spirit;
Macao Impressions – a brand new page to flamboyance and prosperity following the return to motherland…
Virtuosos from the Cross-strait Four Regions meet in Macao and exchange their musical inspirations.
Listen to the sounds of different cultures and let yourself be carried away in a diversity of folk music.

Conductor: Pang Ka Pang

Macao Chinese Orchestra
Guangdong National Orchestra
Taipei Youth Chinese Orchestra
Hong Kong Yao Yueh Chinese Music Association

Programme Highlights:
Macao Impressions (commissioned work)
Zhao Jiping

The Sky with the Stars (work from Taiwan)
Su Wenqing, Zheng Cuipin
  Wei Qing, Liuqin

Snow of The Broken Bridge (work from China)
Liu Xijin
  Wei Zidong, Dizi

Rising Dragons and Leaping Tigers (work from China)
Li Minxiong
  Yim Hok-man, Paigu

Nocturne to the Victoria Harbour (work from Hong Kong)
Huang Xueyang
Concerto for Suona Invoking Phoenix(work from China)
Qing Wenchen
  Tian Ding, Suona

Mr. Yim Hok-man will join the performance by kind permission of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra.

Duration: approximately 2 hours including one  intermission.

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