Phaedra 2.0-Desires and Lies

Macao Youth RepertoryTheatre

15, 16/5|Friday, Saturday|8pm     Sands Theatre     Tickets: MOP 150, 120

Tang Shu Wing was proclaimed “The Master of Minimalistic Theatre”, having won three times the award for “Best Director” at the Hong Kong Drama Awards

Artistic Director: Lawrence Lei
Text: Jean Racine
Translation, Adaptation and Direction: Tang Shu Wing
Producer: Tam Ka Ian
Production Manager: Seng Tat Fong
Deputy Stage Manager: Long Tam Leng
Set Design: Wong Yat Kwan
Costume Design: Cheng Man Wing
Lighting Design: Yeung Tsz Yan
Sound Design: Chan Wing Kit
Make-up: Au Mong Chao and Students of Make-up Course
Cello Accompaniment: Leong Chon Hang
Assistant Director: Choi Leng Chi
Performers: Chan Chi Pan, Leong Ian Sin, Tong Cheok In, Wong Ka Lai, Nip Neng Fong, Wong Ka Weng, Tong Weng Hong, Lio Sio Lai, Leong Ka Wai, Cheok Kam Loi, Cheung Ka Io, Vong Weng Chon, Leong Weng Nong and Lao U Hang

A timeless classic has a lasting vigour that captures people’s hearts in any era. Internationally respected director and former Dean of Drama of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Tang Shu Wing, is renowned for his adaptations of classical plays. He is especially presenting his highly acclaimed production Phaedra 2.0-Desires and Lies at the 26th Macao Arts Festival, the physical theatre version of the French classic Phaedra, performed by the Macao Youth Repertory Theatre.

When Phaedra, the Queen of Athens, hears the news that her husband Theseus has encountered harm and died in his travels, she turns her affections to her stepson Hippolytus, whom she has always secretly longed for. However, Hippolytus, who is devoted to his lover Artemis, the daughter of an enemy king, rejects Phaedra. When Theseus suddenly returns from his travels unharmed, Phaedra, instigated by her maid, accuses Hippolytus of raping her; but her lies are exposed when Artemis confesses her love for Hippolytus to the King. Induced by desire, lies are a destructive weapon from which even the most powerful person under the sun, the King, cannot escape.


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Performed in Cantonese, with surtitles in Chinese
Duration: approximately 2 hours, no interval 

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