Shadow Play Theatre KAKASHIZA (Japan)[Additional show]


10-14/5|Saturday – Wednesday|3:30pm (10, 11/5); 8pm (10-14/5)     Old Court Building, 2nd floor (no elevator)     Tickets: MOP 120

Director and Producer: Kei Goto
Music: Kuni Kawachi and Hiromitsu Ishikawa
Stage Designer, Stage Manager and Technical Director: Koki Saito
Costume Designer: Keiko Nakaya
Sound Designer: Mamoru Tsudo (Sound Method)
Lighting Designer: Ryumae Stage Light Laboratory
Shadow Art: Kakashiza Art Department
Shadow Art Supervisor: Kei Goto and Junji Oda (design Bee)
Production Manager: Satomi Shimizu
Performers: Shuichi Iida, Mirai Sawaya, Kayo Kikumoto and Manami Harada

Program highlights:
The Marching Animals
The Ugly Duckling
The Rabbit and the Turtle
Pen-ta and Pen-ko

Founded in 1952, Shadow Play Theatre KAKASHIZA is the first contemporary shadow play theatre in Japan. The company has developed its own methods and techniques, building an international reputation with its numerous unique and groundbreaking performances. In recent years Theatre Kakashiza has extended across different media to explore the diverse possibilities in this timeless practice.

Hand shadows Animare is an agile and varied show presenting a series of scenes with animals, lights and shadows. Four bodies and hands, genuinely acrobatic, create a poetic journey around a world full of humor and the life animare (“animare” means “breathe life” in Latin) alludes to. From Japanese folklore to Andersen’s tales, Hand Shadows Animare is wondrously magical, speaking to children’s and adult’s dreams and imagination.

Suitable for audiences aged 4 and over
Duration: approximately 1 hour, no interval

Outreach Programme
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