Dóci Papiaçám di Macau Drama Group

Vivo na Únde? (Dream Home?)

10, 11/5|Saturday, Sunday|7:30pm     Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium     Tickets: MOP 150, 120, 80

Playwright and Director: Miguel de Senna Fernandes

Macanese Patuá is a vanishing creole language that was spoken at home and in informal situations by Macao’s Macanese community, with a vocabulary drawing on Portuguese, as well as Malay, Singhalese, English, Spanish and, from the 19th century onwards, Cantonese.

Macao’s Patuá-language drama group, Doci Papiaçam di Macau, has been preserving this unique dialect for over 20 years through original and humorous plays performed in Patuá by local actors. The scripts are based on current events and local customs, portraying scenarios that not only prompt laughter but also provide food for thought. The group’s plays have become one of the most anticipated regular features in the annual Macao Arts Festival. This year’s play, Vivo na Únde? (Dream Home?), has the following story line: “How can you be a talent if you can’t afford a place to live?”

Theatre in Patuá was inscribed on the List of Macao S.A.R. Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2012, and the dialect has been identified as a critically endangered language by UNESCO.

With surtitles in Chinese, Portuguese and English
Duration: approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, including one interval