Stella & Artists


3, 4/5|Saturday, Sunday|8pm     Old Court Building     Tickets: MOP 120

Co-artistic Directors and Choreographers: Stella Ho and Alexandra Battaglia (Portugal)
Original Music: Rui Filipe Reis (Portugal)
Lighting Designer: Calvin Lam
Dancers: Bianca Lei, Domingo Leong, Andrena Ng, Claudia Lou, Jarvis Mo, Sonia Lao, Joana Silva (Portugal), Cláudia Santos (Portugal), Pascoal Amaral (Portugal), Pedro Paz (Portugal), João Miguel Pessoa Cabaça (Portugal) and Mónica Figueiredo (Portugal)

Live Music Performance:
Rui Filipe Reis (Portugal), Piano
Cindy Gonçalves (Portugal), Violin
Sandra Martins (Portugal), Cello
Jammy Wong, African Drums
Kit Lam, Yangqin

Producer: Stella Ho
Stage Manager: Seng Tat Fong
Production: Stella & Artists
In collaboration with Amalgama Dance Company (Portugal) and The
Dancer Studio Macao

Tablao do Fado

Stella & Artists, The Dancer Studio Macao and Amalgama Dance Company (Portugal) have been collaborating and promoting artistic exchanges since 2012. Revival, an original work that combines enthusiastic and passionate dance with live music, is the result of these exchanges, searching for a kind of body language with Portuguese and Chinese elements. It started out as a search for “change” and “revival”, conveying a message of “letting go, transformation and renewal”.

Tablao do Fado fully expresses the Lusitanian soul. This stunning piece full of passion and flamboyance features the enticing sounds of Fado, which convey sorrow and longing, together with the intensity of Flamenco steps.

Duration: approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes, including one interval

Outreach Programme
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