Jiangnan Charm, Splendid China

Shanghai Chinese Orchestra (Mainland China)

22/10 (Tuesday);8pm     Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium     Tickets: MOP 200, 150, 120, 80

Conductor: Wang Fujian
Luo Xiaoci, Guzheng
Wang Jing, Soprano
Lin Lin, Soprano
Cun Bule (Guest Musician), Morin Khuur
Jin Kai, Dizi
Lee Wan-tzu, Dizi
Tang Xiaofeng, Pipa
Tang Yiwen, Liuqin
Duan Aiai, Erhu
Zhao Lei, Erhu
Chen Yan, Erhu
Wang Yinrui, Percussion
Song Yibo, Percussion
Kwong Po Yin, Percussion

Overture: Morning Song of the Huangpu River
Arr. Wang Fujian: “Moonlit Flowers over the Spring River” for Orchestra
Arr. Wang Fujian: “Song of Joy” for Orchestra
Arr. Ren Feng: The Years Passed By   
Luo Xiaoci: “Rhythm” for Guzheng and Orchestra
Wang Danhong: “Centennial Caprice” for Erhu and Orchestra
“The Strong Sea Breeze” for Instrumental Solo and Orchestra - Excerpts from Shanghai classics
Tang Jianping: “Soaring Song” for Two Dizis and Orchestra
Zhang Zhao: “Bronze Drum Dance” for Liuqin and Orchestra
Jiang Ying: “The Silk Road” for Orchestra
Zhang Zhao: “The Pastoral Song” for Morin Khuur
Liu Changyuan: “The Oriental River” for Orchestra

The Shanghai Chinese Orchestra enjoys a successful history of more than fifty years. The soft tone colour and outstanding style of the Orchestra has earned it a prominent position in the area of folk music. After assuming directorship of the Orchestra, Wang Fujian launched a series of celebrated symphony concerts, bringing new glory to the long-standing ensemble.

This concert features magnificent classical works of folk music, such as Moonlit Flowers over the Spring River and The Silk Road, as well as the Jiangnan silk and bamboo music, performed in the characteristic chamber and plucked-string forms, rich in local flavour. The voices of various distinguished singers and other soloists join the Orchestra to conjure a splendid musical vision of Cathay.

Duration: approximately 2 hours, including one interval