Chinese Folk Music Recital

(Mainland China)

30/10 (Sunday);3pm     Mandarin's House     Free Admission

Li Xiangting, Guqin
Zhao Cong, Pipa
Chen Yue, Dizi/ Xiao

A Moonlit Night on Spring River (duo for dizi and pipa)
Flowing Water and Ode to Guangling (for solo guqin)
The Orchid of Spring and Nice Evening (for solo dizi)
Sounds from the Chen and Sui Dynasties (duo for pipa and guqin)
Three Variations on “Plum Blossom” (duo for xiao and guqin)
On the Frontier and The Conqueror Disarms (for solo pipa)
Moon Rising in the Sky (trio for dizi, pipa and guqin)

A representative heir to China’s National Intangible Cultural Heritage, Li Xiangting is the most influential Guqin master of the contemporary era. As his fingers strum the reverberating strings of this thousand-year-old instrument, the beautiful scene of ‘steep mountains, clear streams’ is evoked in vibrant, vivid detail.

Acclaimed as ‘The Diplomat of Music’, celebrated Pipa performer Zhao Cong successfully and comfortably shuttles back and forth between the classical and modern Pipa repertoires, giving magnificent performances at the highest international standard. This artist has established herself as one of the most distinguished performers in contemporary Chinese folk music circles.

Chen Yue is the true embodiment of the grace and beauty of Lower Yangtze culture. Designated the contemporary ‘Poet of Music’, her affectionate and delicate style on the Dizi brings fresh life to the musical instrument in simple yet sustained and melancholy tones.

Having stood the test of time for over a century, the Mandarin’s House in the UNESCO World Heritage - inscribed Historic Centre of Macao is now host to each of these masters of Chinese folk music.

Duration: approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, including one interval