Rising Sun - a Musical

Spring-Time Stage Productions (Hong Kong SAR) and Theatre Farmers (Macao SAR)

8~16/10;3pm (8,9,15~16 October) and 8pm (9~15 October)     Mandarin's House     Tickets: MOP 150

Production: Spring-Time Stage Productions (Hong Kong SAR)
Collaboration:Theatre Farmers (Macao SAR)
Director/Executive Producer: Yu Kin Sang
Script Consultant: Shun Bit Tat
History Consultant: Dr. Ting Sun Pao Joseph
Producer: Ko Chi Sum
Script/Lyrics: Choi Cho Fai
Addition music selected by Nancy Loo
Theme song Composer: Tonia Ko

Characters and Cast:
Angus Chan    
He Qi: So Yuk Fai
Yang Heling: Tsang Wai Dick
Chen Shaobai: Donovan Chan 
You Lie/ Sun Mei: Owen Kwok
Guan Jingliang: Jacky Li

With surtitles in Chinese, synopsis in Portuguese

Every one of us was young and carefree once, and he was no exception...

In his early years, Dr. Sun Yat-sen was full of ambition, studying Western science and medicine whilst thoroughly preparing himself to walk the path of revolution. Nevertheless, the forward-thinking young Sun could not completely break free of old-fashioned customs. He was forced into an arranged marriage with a girl from his hometown whom he had never met. Extremely reluctant, he began to nurture an immense resentment for the corrupt officials and backward ways of the Qing Court, and he vowed then and there to overthrow the Dynasty. The pioneering political careers of Dr. Sun Yat-sen and his close friends, nicknamed the Si Da Kou (Four Bandits), began here!

The musical Rising Sun portrays Dr. Sun Yat-sen from his rebellious youth until the crucial moment when the buds of revolutionary thought began to blossom within him. The 2008 premiere was performed in Hong Kong to great acclaim, and the show was revived again last year to an even more enthusiastic response. This year, Hong Kong Springtime Stage Productions joins hands with Macao’s Theatre Farmers to present this revolutionary drama at the historic Mandarin’s House, recreating an intensely keen yet little-known period of Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s life.

Duration: approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, including one interval




Sun Yat-sen: