"A Glimpse of French Contemporary Painting" Exhibition

28/5~14/8 (Daily)
10am~7pm     Tap Seac Gallery     Free admission

Painting has always had its magical way in portraying images to attract the audience without ever being an outdated form of representation. Such an inventive technique is always exploring new territories. Immobile and unchanging, painting is always present to be seen: a privilege and a necessity in today’s world when images relentlessly flash by one after another. Simultaneously old and new, free from many former constraints referring to the subject, the support or the space, painting is presently exploring new modalities and broadening its scope. Video art or other techniques might appear fancier with the development of new media and technologies but painting remains strong and still.

“A Glimpse of French Contemporary Painting” presents an overview of contemporary painting in France through a selection of eight famous and promising French artists. All these daring artists are dedicated to figurative and abstract painting or somewhere enigmatically in between. They claim themselves as painters, and brilliantly demonstrate that painting is thoroughly alive and doing amazingly well in France.

Ronan Barrot
Franck Chalendard
Champion Métadier
Marc Desgrandchamps
Philippe Cognée
Sylvie Fajfrowska
Olivier Masmonteil
Djamel Tatah

Organized by Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. Government
Co-organized by Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macao, Alliance Française of Macao
Produced by Cecile Leon Art Projects
Curated by Cécile Léon, Ieong Chi Kin