Pampa Furiosa Ballet d‘Argentine (Argentina)

che… malambô!

14, 15/5 (Saturday, Sunday)
8pm     Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium     Tickets: MOP 120, 100, 80

The "malambo" was born in the loneliness of the Argentinean plains around 1600. Among Argentinean dances it is exceptional, because it doesn’t feature lyrics and is only performed by men supported by elaborate guitar accompaniments. The malambo dancers wear gaucho boots and perform intricate tap dancing moves, like the "cepillada, the "repique" and the "floreos". Complex and energetic, the malambo was traditionally danced in tournaments to exhibit the extraordinary skills of the gauchos.

che… malambô is a dynamic perfromance that beautifully expresses the virtuosity and vitality of this unique South American dance form.

Concept, Staging and Direction: Gilles Brinas assisted by Sylvie Peron
Choreography: Christian Vattimo, Fernando Mattoso, Gilles Brinas and Ballet Nacional de Argentina
Adaptation and Coach: Fabian Maza
Lighting Designer: Manuel Bernard
Costume Designer: Heyoka, made at Iran Yard (Buenos Aires)
Dancers: Fabian Maza, Marcos German Beierbach, Francisco Ciares, Martín Ciares, Isaac Gardella, Federico Gareis, Guillermo Gómez, Juan Gómez, Albano Jiménez, Walter Kotchanovski, Sebastian Lubo, Paulo Pedernera, Ruben Rodríguez and Esteban Sosa
Ballet Master: Fabian Maza

Duration: approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, no interval