Step Out[Sold Out!]

The House of the Vagrants

6~10/5 (Friday to Tuesday)
8pm     Mandarin's House     Tickets: MOP 50

6th May
8 pm

Immigrant cities spawn a perpetual coming and going. Vagrants from distant places stop briefly, but then quickly move on. A vagrant, an ancient mansion and a piece of luggage summon a journey of memories.

Works by Step Out are characterised by the skilful use of poetic and aesthetic dramatic language to compose contemporary fables about the urban city. Experienced theatre director Mok Sio Chong and choreographer Lou Chong Neng embark upon a journey of memories in the context of multimedia environmental theatre. Through an oral account of historical facts, they seek to trace the mixed fortunes of the Mandarin’s House over the past half-century in order to establish a lasting testimonial.

Director: Mok Sio Chong
Dance/ Action Choreographer: Lou Chong Neng
Music Designer/ Performer: Huang Si-Nong (Taiwan)
Lighting Designer: Calvin Lam
Costume Designer: Mok Wai Leng

Principal Actors: Man Su Kei, Lam Wai Tung, Wong Iok Kuan, Cheong Cho Seng, Lao Nga Man, Lou Chong Neng, Choi Iok Teng and Chong Sai Kit

Duration: approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, no interval

Local performance