01/11;Monday;8pm     Nam Van Lake     Free Admission

Blasted Mechanism:
Guitshu, Vocals
Valdjiu, Bambuleco, Kalachakra, Banjo-bandola
Ary, Bass guitar
Syncron, Drums
Winga, Percussions and Didgeridoo
Zymon, Guitar, Electric sitar and Keyboards


Blasted Mechanism is a Portuguese electro-rock band famed for its highly theatrical live shows involving elaborate costumes as a backdrop to their music. The band was, as they like to put it, “not created but invented” in 1995, blasting thunderously onto the Portuguese music scene with a radically new sound and image. Dressed extravagantly in alien-like, tribal, futuristic attire, Blasted Mechanism prove both visually outstanding and melodically sumptuous, combining revolutionary technology with ancestral soundscapes, while blending qualities of alternative rock, electronic music, reggae, dub and folk to create a truly unique musical style. Having already been nominated three times for an MTV Award and having supported the likes of The Chemical Brothers and Rage Against the Machine, the inaugural performance in Macao of this peculiar, irreverent and upbeat group is certainly one not to be missed!

“[B]ecause Blasted Mechanism are much more than a mere music band.”
Jornal Optimus/Blitz, No. 23

Duration: approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, no interval