Macao Kaifong Chinese Opera Children's Troupe
The Double Spear of Luk Man-lung

3pm, 8pm     Cinema Alegria     Tickets: MOP 50

Script Coordinator: Ieong In On
Music Design: Ieong In On, Zen Jianbo and Kwan Chueng
Artistic Coach: Ieong Lai Chu
Artistic Director: Lo Hang Peng
Director: Mai Suixiu
Assistant Directors: Zhang Jie, Hai Xia and Ling Yu

Luk Man Long is the orphaned son of a Song General who died fighting for his country. The boy is raised by the Jin Prince who invaded Song territory, unaware of his true parentage. He grows up to become a skilled Jin warrior who excels in the use of the double spear, but when he finally learns of his true parents’ tragic deaths, it is not difficult to foresee to which of the kingdoms he pledges his allegiance.
A stirring tale of bravery and loyalty, this classic of the Cantonese Opera repertoire never fails to move the hearts of the audience.

With surtitles in Chinese/ Synopsys in Portuguese
Duration: approximately 2 hours, including one interval