Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company and Compagnie des Zonzons (Taiwan/ France)
La Boîte (The Box)

8pm     Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium     Tickets: MOP 150, 100, 60

Producers: Stéphanie Lefort and Dr. Paul Lin
Directors: Philippe Auchère and Wu Shanshan
Artistic Director and Designer of the Box: Robin Ruizendaal

A co-production of Compagnie des Zonzons (Lyon, France), the Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company (Taipei) and the French Cultural Centre.

Puppeteers are saltimbancos (wandering acrobats). They travel the world, and their life is punctuated by chance meetings with all audiences of the earth. Sometimes, it happens that their paths cross: at a stopping place they share their souvenirs and ephemeral stories and then depart again. The Box narrates the precise moment when these paths cross. We speak not one language but three: in Mandarin, Taiwanese and French the puppeteers offer us a show of rediscovered humanity, where emotion transcends reason. The Box is an ingenious mechanism suggesting infinite emotions, where comedians, puppets, shadows and filmed or projected images cross, are superimposed and answer themselves. The result is magnificent poetry, echoing the original soundtrack by Li Zhe-yi and Patrick Guillot.  

Duration: approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, no interval

* There will be a discussion session following the performance