Il Trittico by Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924)

In Celebration of Giacomo Puccini’s 150th Birthday (1858-2008)

31/10 - 1/11/2008 19:30
Sunday, November 2, 2008 15:00
    Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium     400

Conductor: Jari Hamalainen
Director: Paul-Emil Fourny
The Macao Orchestra

An Opéra de Nice Production

Il Tabarro (The Cloak)  
Michele, a barge-owner Jean Philippe La Font, Baritone
Giorgetta, Michele's wife Simona Bertini, Soprano
Luigi, a stevedore Warren Mok, Tenor
'Tinca' ('tench'), a stevedore Stuart Neilson-Kemp, Tenor
'Talpa' ('mole'), a stevedore Soon Won Kang, Bass
La Frugola, Talpa's wife Anne Pareuil, Mezzo-soprano
A Vendor of Songs Eric Fennell
Lovers Sharon Zhai, Soprano/ Jim Price, Tenor
Suor Angelica (Sister Angelica)  
Suor Angelica Mina Tasca Yamazaki, Soprano
The Princess, her aunt Federica Proietti, Contralto
The Abbess Victoria Lambourn, Mezzo-soprano
The Monitress Shoshanah Marote, Mezzo-soprano
The Mistress of the novices Anne Pareuil, Mezzo-soprano
Sister Genovieffa Yuki Ip, Soprano
Sister Osmina Sharon Zhai, Soprano
Sister Dolcina Margaret Yim, Soprano
The nursing sister (Infermiera) Melody Sze, Mezzo-soprano
The alms sisters Sharon Prero/ Jacqueline Sutter, Sopranos
The novices Angela Brewer/ Jessica Azodi, Sopranos
The lay sisters (Conversa) Irini Kyriakidou / Sarah Sweeting, Soprano/ Mezzo-soprano
Gianni Schicchi  
Gianni Schicchi Jean Philippe La Font, Baritone
Lauretta, his daughter Irini Kyriakidou, Soprano
Zita, cousin of Buoso Donati Shoshanah Marote, Contralto
Rinuccio, Zita's nephew Eric Fennell, Tenor
Gherardo, Buoso's nephew Jim Price, Tenor
Nella, Gherardo's wife Sharon Prero, Soprano
Betto di Signa, Buoso's brother-in-law Mika Kares, Bass
Simone, cousin of Buoso Brian Jauhiainen, Bass
Marco, Simone's cousin Liu Songhu, Baritone
La Ciesca, Marco's wife Sarah Sweeting, Mezzo-soprano
Maestro Spinelloccio, a doctor Soon Won Kang, Bass
Ser Amantio di Nicolao, a notary Guy Bonfiglio, Baritone
Pinellino, a cobbler Terry Murphy, Bass
Guccio, a dyer Lei Siu Hong, Bass

 Opéra de Nice returns to Macao with a new production of Il Trittico (The Triptych) in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Giacomo Puccini’s birth. The great Italian composer was adamant that his collection of three one-act operas, Il Tabarro, Suor Angelica and Gianni Schicchi, be performed as a set, and he was always infuriated whenever they were separated. The triple-bill received its world premiere at the Metropolitan Opera in New York on December 14, 1918, and this year, for Puccini's birthday, Macao honours his wish, as well.

Il Tabarro, the first act, is very dark and brooding, full of the violence and grit associated with verismo opera. The second act, Suor Angelica, was Puccini's favorite. Following this uplifting tale of religious redemption comes the popular Gianni Schicchi, a comedic farce full of greed and conniving. This is Puccini at his best!

Duration: approximately 4 hours, including two intervals