Chinese Folk Music Concert

Sunday, October 26, 2008 20:00     Mount Fortress     Free admission

Programme to be announced

For the Dong and the Miao/Hmong minority groups, dwelling in remote villages in Guizhou Province has given rise to a truly remarkable musical tradition, which harkens back to a pre-literate society where history and culture were passed orally from generation to generation and every aspect of life was expressed in song.

A traditionally migratory people, the Miao have a rich musical life, mainly embodied in the lusheng, a unique mouth organ made of bamboo, and in their feige (flying songs). Joining the Miao in the magical setting of Mount Fortress, the Dong people will deliver an exotic repertoire of polyphonic choral dage (big songs), pipa songs, river songs and narrative ballads. An unforgettable tryst that will echo nostalgically throughout the skies of Macao.

Duration: approximately 2 hours, including one interval