Imago Theatre (USA)

13 - 14/3/2004 16:00     Macao Tower Auditorium    

A theatrical menagerie of wonder, whimsy and wackiness, seen by millions worldwide on television and stage. FROGZ is creature-theatre at it’s best. Populated with escaped penguins, silent sloths, finicky frogs, devilish strings and numerous other things.

Ingenious masks, mesmerizing movement, outlandish costumes, and finger-snapping music create a carnival of the absurd. A mysterious worm performs impossible acrobatics... an invisible cat inhabits a giant paper bag... vaudevillian orbs mischievously infiltrate the audience. Don’t miss the whimsical, highly entertaining and amazing FROGZ!


“Amazingly evocative... wild, weird and whimsical” The Straights Times, Singapore

“Inspired fun... very funny... captivating!” The New York Times