Man of La Mancha


22 - 23/3/2002 20:00
15:30     Macao Cultural Centre Small Auditorium     80

In this modern musical, inspired by the novel Don Quixote de la Mancha by Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes, Cervantes himself and an associate are brought to prison to await a hearing with the Inquisition. He is set upon by the prisoners, who decide to hold a mock trial in order to find him guilty and steal all his possessions (including a package he seems to value greatly). Cervantes presents a play as his defense, to give the "jury" insight into the "crimes" of which they accuse him. They agree and become actors in his play. Cervantes plays Alhonso Quiana, a man who has set his own reality aside and become Don Quixote de la Mancha. Man of La Mancha simultaneously tracks the experiences of the three men (Cervantes, Quiana, and Quixote), focusing mostly upon Quixote, with inspiring music and poetry.

The musical is a mainstream performance genre in the West, combining drama, music and dance in a single show. This renowned Broadway musical, the masterpiece of American playwright Dale Wasserman, is presented by renowned Hong Kong director Chan Shu Hei in a Cantonese version, with performances from Macao’s finest drama group.

Playwright: Dale Wasserman

Music: Mitch Leigh

Director: Chan Shu Hei

Cast: Liu Kok Tung, Tam Sok Ha, Chong Sio Pang, Vong Hou, Lam Wai Tong, Leong Iam Sin, Chan Sio Meng, Siu Mei Kuan (Hong Kong), and others