Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre (Vietnam)

Sunday, March 12, 2006
14 - 19/3/2006
    Barra Square     15

Muffled fireworks glimmer on a watery stage, as Vietnamese legends of dragons and fairies dance on the backs of the waves and flute-playing buffalos pass by in animated procession. Behind the bamboo curtain 12 Vietnamese puppeteers give life to the 150 water puppets of the Thang Long Theatre Group, keeping alive one of the most ancient art forms in all of Asia.

They were born almost a thousand years ago in the lakes of the villages of Vietnam. Handed down from generation to generation, from the fields to the temples and on into the imperial court they float down the river of time and in recent decades have conquered the world. The water puppets grow ever older, yet they remain untouched by the winds of change.

With surtitles in Chinese, Portuguese and English
Duration: approximately 1 hour, no interval