Guangxu and Zhenfei - The Love Story of an Emperor

Cantonese Opera

19 - 20/3/2002 19:30     Alegria Theatre Hall I     100

Guangxu, Emperor of the Qing Dynasty, was considered to be a literate and ambitious man, very much in love with his beautiful and witty concubine Zhenfei. When the Hundred Days of Reform failed in 1898, Guangxu was secluded in his palace in Yingtai, and concubine Zhenfei was also put under house arrest, and they were unable to see each other. Zhenfei was later killed by Cixi, the mother of Guangxu. Guangxu himself did not live long, either, leaving behind a poignant love story.

The opera, re-written by Lei Meng Hang from Hong Kong, is entirely re-rendered and staged by Macao artists. Heading the list of actors is the renowned actress Li Shuqun, playing the role of huadan.

Producer: Dang Yick Sang

Director: Chu Chan Wa

Coordination: Chiu Heng Wa


Li Shuqun, Lo Chek Fong, Che Tin Hong, Dang Yick Sang, Chu Chan Wa, Lo Hang Peng, Sou Lai Ieng, Chan Yu Fei, Lo Sio Han, Lao Kei Fong, Ho In Cheng, Vong Si Lan, Chang Wai Peng, Chao Lai Chan