18/3 - 18/4/2002 10:00 ~ 21:00     Macao Tower, Exhibiton Hall, 2nd Fl.     Free admission

Macao has an uninterrupted tradition, which started nearly five centuries ago, of engaging with people from all parts of the region and world. This spirit of cultural curiosity and tolerance is reflected, most notably, in the European influence on the city’s architecture, urban planning and landscapes, while the city naturally retains a strong Chinese essence. From temples to gardens, churches to forts, visitors and locals alike can always find a pleasant spot for contemplation or congregation, as the mood takes them.

Macao has 128 classified heritage items. The Cultural Institute invited local artists, photographers, calligraphers and designers to convey, through their preferred art form, their feelings about Macao’s history, its inherent culture and unique heritage. The works on display in these exhibitions of their work reflect their search for an understanding of Macao’s soul and their affection for a place which so many communities have been happy to call home.