2006 Annual Macao Visual Arts Exhibition

Embracing Life, Expressing the Contemporary

25/3 - 7/5/2006
10/5 - 28/6/2006
        Free admission

Winds of influence from every corner of the world, carrying the seeds of creativity on their breath, whisper the promise of a bountiful spring harvest for Macau’s fertile land. The collected fruit of local artists will be offered to the public eye under the auspices of what is considered to be the city's most important annual exhibition of local art.

The Tap Seac Gallery has gathered together the ideas of more than 160 Macao artists who scoured the earth in their search for the new roots of contemporary life. Over 350 submissions passed before the exhibition's panel of five experts, and they have sifted the finest flour from the mills of Macao's creative industry.

Painting, calligraphy, design, photography and video figure among the many art forms represented in this year's display, with sculpture making a first time appearance and drawings represented in the greatest number.

The Annual Visual Art Exhibition has continued to cultivate the growth of the new talent emerging from its ranks and promoted awareness and appreciation of local art in Macao.

Zhang Zhi’an, Professor, the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Wang Dongling, Professor, the Department of Calligraphy of Chinese Academy of Art
Wenlou, President, the Hong Kong Artists Association
Ruan Yizhong, Assistant Professor, Taiwan National University of the Arts
Balbir Bodh, Director, Department of Visual Arts of Pathways International School