“hush! Summer Concerts” - open call for local bands and musicians

Date of publication: 29/04/2022
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The event “2022 hush! Summer Concerts”, organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from its Portuguese acronym), will be held in July at various locations in Macao Peninsula and Coloane, during which a number of concerts and thematic performances, as well as intriguing activities including hush! bazaars, workshops, art installations and online music competitions will be held. In order to promote musical and cultural events in Macao, IC is now calling for the participation of local bands and musicians in the “2022 hush! Summer Concerts”. Interested parties are welcome to apply from 29 April to 18 May.

This year’s “hush! Summer Concerts” will divide the participating bands into three categories, according to the music style and type of musical instruments, namely “Hot Wave”, “Upbeat Power” and “Summer Chill”. The performance must focus on pop music and at least half of the songs and music performed must be original. The event will also feature the “hush! Kids” stage for bands with at least one member aged 12 or below, but without any restrictions imposed as to the originality of the song and the music to be performed.

In order to develop the diversity of pop music activities, “hush!” features the extended activity “Themed Music Development”, which allows local bands, musicians and curators to unleash their creativity in the production of special performances and themed events, bringing audiences a unique musical experience. Meanwhile, the “Music Workshop” invites self-nominated or nominated instructors or professors to teach pop music-related knowledge and share their experiences, providing opportunities for music aficionados to exchange with and learn from each other, thereby promoting the development of pop music in Macao.

The “hush! Summer Concerts” open call for local bands and musicians will run from 29 April to 18 May. The registration regulations can be obtained and downloaded from IC’s website at www.icm.gov.mo or the “HUSH FULL MUSIC” page on Facebook. The selected applicants will be notified individually.

IC has been strictly following the anti-epidemic guidelines of the Health Bureau and implementing appropriate measures for cultural activities. In cooperation with the epidemic prevention work of the SAR Government, all participants must wear their own masks, undergo body temperature checks, present a valid “Venue QR Code” (also known as “Venue Code”) and “Macao Health Code” of the day, maintain social distancing, and follow the anti-epidemic and crowd control measures on site.

For more information on the event and the open call, please contact IC through tel. no. 8399 6824 during office hours.

“2022 hush! Summer Concerts” – Open Call for Local Bands and Musicians