The Macao Chinese Orchestra 2021-22 Concert Season kicks off with the online concert “Splendid Landscapes”

Date of publication: 23/09/2021
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The Macao Chinese Orchestra (OCHM, from the Portuguese acronym), under the auspices of Cultural Affairs Bureau, inaugurates its 2021-22 Concert Season, themed on fusion and integration, striving to create a more inclusive artistic world through traditional Chinese music, and bring concerts with a rich content. The opening concert will be broadcast online on 24 September (Friday), at 8pm, kicking off the new Concert Season officially.

The Macao Chinese Orchestra has always adhered to the concept of “Fusion of Chinese and Western cultures”. The new Concert Season will invite different conductors and performers to offer varied programmes at diversified venues, allowing the audience to experience the charm of Chinese music while promoting the culture of Chinese music. Conducted by China’s prominent conductor Hu Bingxu, the opening concert “Splendid Landscapes” will invite erhu performer Duan Aiai and suona performer Liu Wenwen, to present the Erhu Concerto The Great Wall Capriccio and the Suona Concerto Ode to Kylin, respectively. The new Concert Season kicks off the imaginative piece The Great Wall Capriccio performed by Duan Aiai, a National First-Class artist and erhu soloist of the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, with fluid musicality and impeccable technique; Liu Wenwen, a post-90s young musician who is one of the most prominent and influential young suona performers in the international music scene, will present the Suona Concerto Ode  to Kylin, allowing the audience to experience the enthralling, bright and cheerful, simple and ancient imagery of the auspicious Chinese animal.

The concert “Splendid Landscapes” will be broadcast online on 24 September (Friday), at 8pm. Music aficionados may enjoy the concert on the “The Macao Chinese Orchestra” page on Facebook and WeChat official account “icmochm”. For more information and updates on the Macao Chinese Orchestra’s programme, please visit the Macao Chinese Orchestra website at For enquiries, please contact OCHM through tel. no. 8988 4102 during office hours.