Cultural Affairs Bureau Online Book Shop launches special promotion on the purchase of the Review of Culture

The Review of Culture, published by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from the Portuguese acronym), is a publication aimed at promoting cultural exchanges between the East and the West, exploring the unique characteristics of Macao as well as the history of complementarity between Chinese and foreign cultures, and thus promoting academic exchanges between Macao and China and foreign countries. In order to promote the unique and rich history and culture of Macao, the Cultural Affairs Bureau Online Book Shop will offer a 50% and 10% discount on the purchase of the Review of Culture from 1 March.

Founded in 1987, the Review of Culture is a publication that covers rich contents in the history and culture of Macao and is also a precious record of the exchanges between the local and western culture, which helps readers to study and understand Macao's rich cultural heritage. A 50% discount is available for the Portuguese Edition (No. 1-39), English Edition (No. 1-37), Chinese Edition (No. 1-90) and International Edition (No.1-50) of the Review of Culture, while a 10% discount for No. 91 to the latest issue of the Chinese Edition and No. 51 to the most recent issue of the International Edition.

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