Cultural News


A quarterly summary of the principal cultural activities, by the initiative and organization or with the participation of Instituto Cultural de Macau.


From 6th to 9th

Exhibition of tapestries of Arraiolos at the Centro Cultural Sir Robert Ho Tung, display of works by the students doing the Course of Tapestry of Arraiolos, organized by I. C. M. Besides the works, the exhibition includes interesting aspects hinting at the manufacture of tapestries projecting the fine executions of some of the most famous models of the manifestation of Portuguese traditional workmanship. The course was availed of by 50 students and the ultimate objective was to diffuse the Portuguese industrial arts to the population of Macau.

From 8th to 18th

"Portugal and its Discoveries" -Title of bibliographical exhibition integrated in Dia da Marinha and in the national ambit of the Commemorations of the Portuguese Discoveries. Inaugurated on the 8th, the anniversary of the voyage of Vasco da Gama to India, the exhibition constituted an evocative course of the discoveries, supported by scores of ichonographic, cartographic and bibliographic documents covering the fundamental aspects of marine technology and nautical engineering which resulted in the Portuguese maritime expansion.

On 19th

A Concert by the students of the Chinese Instruments Course in Cineteatro Diocesano. Twenty passages of popular Chinese works in a musical interpretation by 63 students of the course, organized by ICM.

From 19th ownwards

Concert by the Camões Quartet and Concert by the Poliphonic Choral Group, especially dedicated to the University students of the II Holiday Course (at Ho Yin Centre and at the Academia de Música S. Pio X).

From 23rd to 24th

Carlos do Carmo, in nights of Fado at Teatro D. Pedro V. Two interpretations of Fados representing the exhibitions of Carlos do Carmo on the history, genesis and characteristic and the types of the Portuguese national song, by touching its cultural perspective.

On 26th

Concert by Orquestra de Câmara de Macau. Interpreting the works of Fletcher, Lutoslowski and Saint Saens in its last appearance of the season.


From 13th to 21st

First Collective Exhibition of Western Art. Paintings by Maria Helena Raposo, Paulo Jorge Maria and Maria Eugenia Estorninho at Livraria Portuguesa.

On 14th

Closing ceremony of the II Course of the Portuguese Language and Culture at Teatro D. Pedro V.

From 24th to 29th

Photographic Exhibition of the Association of Photographers of Macau - an institution established in 1983, with a membership of 300, covering Macau, Hong Kong, the People's Republic of China and Singapore.

The display shows the works through which the authors were qualified for the titles of Member and Secondary Member of the Association of the Royal Photography of London.

On 31st

Performance by the lyrical singer Zhuang Lu Shun of Shanghai who has made appearances with the Light Music Orchestra of Peking and with the Shanghai Opera Company (Teatro D. Pedro V).


From 1st to 15th

Initial registration for the Course of Chinese Musical Instruments and for the Dance Studio of ICM.

On 6th

Night of Drama, with representation of the plays "The Inaudible Words" and "The Encounter" by the two associations of dramatic arts of Macau (Teatro D. Pedro V).

On 9th

Seminar on the theme "Cultural Impact and Apprenticeship". Presented and conducted by Dr. Luis Arnaut Moreira, director of the European Federation for International Learning, touching and analysing the problems of individual comparison with different cultural systems.

From 14th to 28th

Exhibition of "Manuscripts and Musical Editions", organized by ICM (Biblioteca Nacional, Secção do Leal Senado)•

Translated by João Libano

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