Speech of Mário Soares, president of the Republic in the act of handing over the Governorship of Macau - Lisboa, Palácio de Belém, 9thJune 1987.

"This development has to be associated with a cultural policy that values Portugal, its language, its history and its qualities as a modern European country next to the friendly countries of Asia, that have been maintaining ties with us for centuries. It is a kinship of reciprocal discoveries, a creative and peaceful coexistence without paralell. Macau is, at the same time, a historical symbol and a modern centre of this relationship. Its economic growth and cultural projection much depend on the evolution of the Portuguese presence in the region including the permanency of our work in Macau. It has to deal with an extensive policy, a work of a firm foundation and of great national responsibility".

"In reality, what is at stake, surpasses by far in importance, the final twelve years remaining to end the century and will stand out clearly in the future above us all. It is the preservation and the growth of excellent relations of existing co-operation and friendship between Portugal and the People's Republic of China and the peaceful and fruitful dialogue between the West and the East that makes Macau today one of the most relevant and significant symbols".

Speech of Engineer Carlos Melancia, at taking over charge as Governor of Macau - Palácio de Belém,9thJune 1987.

"(...) In the long chapter of the history of Macau, there begins a new chapter for which the Portuguese people and the Government of Macau have the objective responsibility to preserve not only our culture, but also strengthen our ability to administrate a society in a pragmatic sense of progress and well-being, in a manner to leave behind an example that will last beyond the period of transition".

Translated by João Libano

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