The inscription of the “Historic Centre of Macao” on the World Heritage List has not only opened Macao’s door to the rest of the world, but has also supported and reinforced the cultural foundation of Macao to steadily build on the past and present and to look into the future. Time flies and the Historic Centre of Macao is now embracing the 15th anniversary of its inscription on the World Heritage List, which marks a new milestone in Macao’s cultural heritage protection and legacy. For the celebration of the 15th anniversary, the Cultural Affairs Bureau is organizing a rich variety of activities to convey the concept of “Appreciating Our World Heritage Together”, including a thematic festival that combines game booths, performances and cultural and creative fairs;  the special opening of heritage sites for the public to explore the World Heritage; workshops that allow participants to tour around the city’s heritage sites, together with local illustrators that will record their wonderful and personalized sightseeing journeys; a story-writing competition that can enable the sharing of stories about World Heritage from daily life with postcards; the “Fun Sharing Cultural Heritage” lectures and workshops in campuses and community centres; and a mobile game that gives participants a chance to win amazing prizes with their knowledge about cultural heritage. With the series of intriguing activities, the Cultural Affairs Bureau seeks to encourage everyone to experience the beauty of Macao’s World Heritage in their daily life, to re-discover the World Heritage sites that play a crucial part in moments of our lives, and to gather to appreciate the Historic Centre of Macao, a precious cultural treasure that belongs to all of us.

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