Anti-Epidemic Measures

To safeguard the health of participants, the Cultural Affairs Bureau will follow the Health Bureau’s novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention guidelines during preparation for the activities celebrating the 15th anniversary of the inscription of “The Historic Centre of Macao” on the World Heritage List by taking various anti-epidemic measures including sanitization of public places and crowd control. The public should pay particular attention to the following arrangements:

  1. The public should follow the latest updates released by Macao SAR Government and co-operate with the preventive measures of the Health Bureau while paying attention to personal, household and environmental hygiene.
  2. Participants should measure their body temperature before participating in any activity. Anyone who shows signs of discomfort such as fever (ear temperature of 38˚C or higher, or forehead temperature of 37.5˚C or higher) or acute respiratory symptoms must not participate in any activity, even after self-medication, noting that such persons should wear a mask and seek immediate medical advice.
  3. To avoid crowd gathering, participants should follow on-site instructions, enter and leave the venue through designated routes and entrances.
  4. All participants should wear masks, undergo body temperature checks and present a “Macao Health Code” to declare their health condition to the on-site staff upon entering the venue, and should continue to wear masks throughout the activity.
  5. To safeguard personal health, participants should try to keep a distance of at least 1 meter from others and pay attention to personal hygiene. After coming into contact with public facilities or objects or using the toilet, participants should keep their hands clean by frequently washing them with water and liquid soap or rubbing hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer.