10th Anniversary of the Historic Centre of Macao as World Heritage – Macau Taoist

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Venue: Mandarin’s House
Date and Time: 18th of July 2015, 3:00pm
Co-organizer: Macau Taoist Orchestra
Free Admission

“Taoist Ritual Music in Macau” has become an item of the Macao S.A.R. Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009 and was inscribed onto the third batch of the List of Representative items of Intangible Cultural Heritage at National Level. This concert will integrate several representative songs of the local Taoist Ritual Music, including: “Bayin Gongs and Drums”, to be performed at the Mandarin’s House for the first time; “Shuang Qi Xing Diao Gua”, which expresses the characteristics of the music of the “Quanzhen” School of Taoism; “Wu Gong Yang”, possessing a hybrid character of both the “Zhengyi” and “Quanzhen” Schools. New songs such as “Tao Te Ching” will also be performed. Showcasing the beauty of the Taoist Ritual melodies, this concert intends to share with the audience the charisma and energy of both traditional and new Taoist melodies.

For Enquiries: Please call 28968820 (Mandarin’s House)