26th MAF “Outdoor Performing Arts Showcase”

DAC_-14_1_百藝看館 DAC_-14_1_百藝看館

The Outdoor Performing Arts Showcase aims to bring the arts closer to the public. It features artists and traditions from home and abroad, providing an ample variety of artistic performances for everyone to enjoy!

May is the month when the birth of the goddess A-Ma (also known as Tin Hau) is celebrated in Macao. Honouring this goddess, this year’s Outdoor Performing Arts Showcase will be held at Barra Square, allowing access to the Macao Arts Festival to a wider audience. For this celebration, the Macao Chinese Opera Association of Terrestrial and Maritime Dwellers of Barra will build temporary bamboo scaffolding theatres for ritual Cantonese opera performances. For four consecutive evenings, local and foreign artists and groups offer a series of culturally rich and entertaining performances such as Chizhou Nuo opera from Anhui Province, Uigur Mukam Dance from Xinjiang Province, shadow play from Turkey, Awantika Kathak dance from India, in addition to other local shows such as Chinese dance, folk dance, street dance and skits, among others!

28-31 May       Largo do Pagode da Barra

6.30pm - 9pm