The Butterfly Lovers

Zhang Guoyong and The Macao Chinese Orchestra

Grand Auditorium, Macao Cultural Centre
Tickets: MOP 250, 200, 150

Experience the beauty of Chinese orchestral music

Zhao Jiping: Follow the Pagoda Tree to Trace the Roots of Our Ancestors
He Zhanhao and Chen Gang / Arr. Zhang Dasen: Violin Concerto The Butterfly Lovers
Liu Yuan / Arr. Jiang Ying: Train Toccata
Liu Yuan: “Flowing Water and Drifting Clouds” from Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains Capriccio
Wang Danhong: Ode to the Sun

Conductor: Zhang Guoyong
Zhi-Jong Wang, Violin
The Macao Chinese Orchestra

Zhang Guoyong is a well-known conductor and music educator in China with a profound knowledge of both Chinese and Western music. He has worked with prestigious opera houses and symphony orchestras at home and abroad to perform classics ranging from operas and ballets to symphony choruses. He conducts in a concise, intelligent and heart-stirring manner that seamlessly integrates fiery passion and profound rationality. When conducting Chinese music performances, he can precisely grasp and present the aesthetics and appeal of Chinese music by virtue of his deep knowledge of Chinese culture and has enjoyed a close collaboration with several Chinese orchestras. 

In this concert, Zhang will present the classic piece The Butterfly Lovers with young violinist Zhi-Jong Wang and The Macao Chinese Orchestra. This violin concerto demonstrates the timeless beauty of East-West fusion by drawing inspiration from Chinese traditional opera while also adopting the Western sonata form. Other programmes include an array of Chinese orchestral pieces written in different styles, from the nostalgic Follow the Pagoda Tree to Trace the Roots of Our Ancestors, lively Train Toccata, poetic Flowing Water and Drifting Clouds, to the magnificent Ode to the Sun.

Duration: Approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes, including one interval

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