New historic and cultural facilities in operation

Guia Fortress Information Centre

In order to promote and reinforce the cultural value of the Guia Fortress (including the Chapel and the Lighthouse), the original information centre will undergo a series of redesign and improvement works. The new centre will feature an area with introductory texts and the history of the Guia Fortress, a physical model display and a restoration review of the Chapel of Our Lady of Guia’s paintings. In the future, there will also be a café and sales’ services for creative industry products.

Opening: 30 June
Guia Fortress
Enquiries: 8399 6699


Lu Ban Carpentry Exhibition

The Macao Carpentry Trade Union is one of the oldest professional associations in the city and isconsecrated to Lu Ban, patron of carpenters in China. The Association incorporates the “Lu Ban Carpentry Exhibition”, where numerous traditional carpentry tools and housing components will be on display, in addition to a multimedia presentation on the Association and the building where it is headquartered.

Opening: 28 July (Lu Ban’s birthday)
Headquarters of the Macao Carpentry Trade Union (No. 39-41, Rua de Camilo Pessanha)                
Enquiries: 8399 6699



Patane Night Watch House

In the past, Macao’s night-watchmen contributed highly to crime and fire prevention, in addition to their main task of announcing time during the night. In preserving Patane Night Watch House, which is located in No. 52-54, Rua da Palmeira, one preserves a unique witness to this profession in Macao. Following restoration works, the space will be revitalised to host an exhibition about the work of Macao’s former night-watchmen.

Opening in the second half of 2015
No. 52-54, Rua da Palmeira            
Enquiries: 8399 6699




The CinemathequePassion, featuring an art cinema and a film documentation room, is a multi-functional space dedicated to the promotion of the film industry. Its mission is to organise local film resources, create creating atmosphere about films in Macao, broaden the local sector’s horizons as well as establish international exchange networks.

Experimental opening from September 2015
No. 13, Travessa da Paixão
Enquiries: Mr. Chong 8598 6728


Jao Tsung-I Academy

The Jao Tsung-I Academy holds a permanent exhibition Calligraphies and Paintings Donated by Jao Tsung-I, and collects fine pieces of writing and  catalogue about Professor Jao for public consultation within venue. The Academy also contains a temporary exhibition room and an auditorium , for the purpose of promulgating Chinese culture and arts and promoting academic exchange related to sinological studies.The celebrating activities include the opening ceremony of the Academy, commemorative postmark activity,publication of catalogue, as well as the book Jao Tsung-I, Desire to Learn as a Lifelong Hobby.

Opening: August
No. 95 C-D, Av. Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida
Enquiries: Ms. Fu 8399 6329, or Ms. Ng 8399 6484