Conservation works of Cultural Heritage

In the wake of globalization, urban landscapes and the culture of consumption are converging. In order to showcase the unique value of a city, it’s especially important to understand the differences of the various regional cultures, as well as the local traditions that are represented by the cultural heritage of each place. Since the Ming and Qing dynasties, Macao has been influenced by the cultural exchange between East and West. This valuable historical context has also left our city with an abundance of Cultural Heritage.

In order to continue to share  the valuable Cultural Heritage of our city, the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macao has been relentlessly working on the conservation of Cultural Heritage, since 1982 up to our present time.  Looking back on the many landmark achievements, there are a few that are noteworthy to be mentioned, such as, the publication, in 1984 and 1992, of the Law-Decrees concerning the conservation of Cultural Heritage; more recently, in 2005, “The Historic Centre of Macao” was successfully inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List; then in 2014, the Cultural Heritage Protection Law came into effect, and the ‘Cultural Heritage Committee’ was established pursuant to the new Law, which represents a significant milestone for Cultural Heritage Protection.

As can be seen from the progress made, the conservation works of Cultural Heritage have evolved with time, also in terms of skills, strategies and concepts.  Meanwhile, works continue to intensify and expand the types of Cultural Heritage, the targets, the depth and scope of conservation works, as well as associated promotion and education efforts, so that Macao’s Cultural Heritage  can always reflect a growing richer diversity and ensure an enduring charisma.

As such this exhibition is an overview of the achievements of safeguarding the Cultural Heritage of Macao along the years. Looking back, we can see the clear evolution of the Conservation of Cultural Heritage. The most effective conservation works cannot be achieved in a single leap. On the contrary, it requires the continuous engagement of all relevant cultural departments, the hard work of many professionals, and the participation and support of all residents so that the whole of society can co-operate together and unveil their collective wisdom in favor of the protection of Cultural Heritage.

Looking forward into the future, with both opportunities and challenges ahead, we hope to be able to continue to awaken public awareness regarding the benefits of the conservation of Cultural Heritage, so that together we can protect this Cultural Heritage legacy that belongs to all Macao residents, and to all citizens of the world. This is our Vision: to be able to continue to protect this precious historic legacy for the fruition of our descendants, whilst we make it possible for Macao to be an ever more ‘culturally sustainable city’.