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The “Parade through Macao, Latin City” is a cultural event that unfolds as a procession through the streets of Macao. Created in 2011, the Parade is held annually on December 20th to mark the anniversary of Macao’s Handover to China. Every year, several foreign performing groups as well as hundreds of talented local artists are invited to be creative participants. They lead the residents and tourists on this adventure through Macao’s streets and alleyways and bring songs and dances to the city’s historical quarters. The Parade, which highlights Macao’s unique cultural features and the City’s multicultural atmosphere, culminates in a grand joint performance in which the artists present dazzlingly colourful performances, bringing the celebration of this joyous occasion to a vivid climax.

The “Parade through Macao, Latin City” is organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau and co-organised by several other governmental departments, with valuable support from various other organisations, bringing the whole community together.

Parade Route
Opening Ceremony

  1. The City Beats to the Rhythm of Viva (Ruins of St. Paul’s)
    The Magic Clock stopped! All creatures on earth froze! How can we revive their heartbeat? Let the Parade artists raise the curtain on a series of fascinating shows, kicking off a wondrous journey of revival!

  2. Mime Shows (Rua de S. Paulo)
    A mime master will lead a group of local actors into the crowd employing skilful physical techniques to perform an intriguing street mime show that will break the barrier between the stage and the audience, showering endless delights upon onlookers!

  3. Enchanted Dance Floor (St. Anthony’s Square)
    The tranquil St. Anthony’s Square is transformed into a grand, dazzling stage featuring ebullient Latin dance, the graceful movements of Yangge folk dance and the sensual, enthralling belly dance you ever feasted eyes on!

  4. Enchanting Sounds (Companhia Square)
    The clear and melodious hand bell sounds remind us of traditional nursery rhymes; simple, moving singing appeals to the purity and innocence buried within our hearts
  5. Street Dance Game (Pátio do Espinho)
    Let the jubilant atmosphere continue! Characterised by a myriad of changes, street dance seems so easy - but they’re difficult to master! Two street dance groups strain every sinew to compete!

  6. Lingering Melodies (Rua de D. Belchior Carneiro)
    Be it elegant Western music or solemn Taoist ritual melodies, it’s time to relax and open your soul and ears to two distinctly different musical delights!

  7. Portuguese Folk Dance and Music (Rua de Sanches de Miranda)
    Lively Portuguese folk music and dance in a whirl of colourful skirts. A beautiful picture waiting to be discovered!

  8. Wonderland of Dance (Old Ladies’ House )
    Beautiful dance movements fill the tranquil Old Ladies’ Home, enabling you to experience peaceful serene moments in this hustling, bustling city!

  9. Creative Giants (Rua Nova de São Lázaro)
    Are we in the Brobdingnag? No, it’s only the giant puppets joining in the fun! Join them and dance to the rhythm!

  10. Stunts on Stilts (Tap Seac Square)
    Want to ‘stand out’ in the crowd? It’s possible if you’re a notch above the others! The stilt performers are not only taller than everyone but are capable of extraordinary feats, leaving audiences spellbound with their amazing performances!

  11. Closing Ceremony
    “Peace, Love and Cultural Integration” – Grand Joint Performance (Tap Seac Square)
    Four giant puppets receive the artists and the public at Tap Seac Square to ignite the show in a lively atmosphere! Artists and groups from Mainland China, from abroad and from Macau join the grand stage to show their talent once again, luring audiences to revel in the jubilant and dazzling ‘Rhythm of Life’. This grand joint performance features the “Ni Gou Ying Ge” folk dance, an interactive bubble show, a majestic Italian flag-waving show, a passionate Spanish dance, a joyous Bolivian folk dance, not to mention a variety of superb performances by a number of renowned local dance and singing groups, all conspiring to commemorate the 14th anniversary of Macao’s handover. VIVA!




Foreign Groups and Local Groups


Participating local groups

  1. Flaming Phoenix Culture & Arts Association
  2. Federação das Associações dos Operários de Macau / Macao Federation of Trade Unions 
  3. Associação de Drama e Ópera Chinesa“Ngai Wan”
  4. Banda de Música Folclórica de Macau   
  5. Associação Geral do Desporto das Mulheres de Macau / The Women Sports General Association of Macau 
  6. Associação de Dançarinos Regina / Regina's Dance Group 
  7. Associação de Amizade dos Moradores da Zona de Nordeste de Macau
  8. Stella e Artistas 
  9. Associação de Dança Viole / Violet Dancing Association  
  10. Associação de Dança—Ieng Chi 
  11. Associação Promoção da Cultura e Arte de Dança de Rua de Macau / Street Dance Culture and Art Promotion Association of Macau 
  12. Macao Youth Artistic Ability Volunteer Association
  13. Associação de Dança de Rua / Association of Macau Street Dance
  14. Musaeus Art Studio 
  15. Estudio Dança de Macau / The Dancer Studio Macau
  16. Associação de Dança de Música Pop de Macau
  17. Associação de Dança e do Ventre de Macau  / The Association of Belly Dancing of Macau
  18. Associação Internacional de Dança de Barriga de Macau / Macao International Belly Dance Association 
  19. Indian Culture Association of Macau 
  20. Associação Cultural Indiana e Saúde de Macau / Indian Cultural and Health Association of Macau 
  21. Grupo de Danças e Cantares de Macau 
  22. Associação de Danças e Cantares Portugueses “Macau no Coração” 
  23. Dança Brasil 
  24. Associação de Ajuda Mútua dos Chineses Ultramarinos da Birmânia em Macau / Macau Association of Mutual Help of Myanmar Overseas Chinese 
  25. Associação do Santo Niño de Cebu em Macau / Santo Niño de Cebu  in Macau Association 
  26. Associação Geral de Dança Desportiva de Macau / Macau Dance Sport Federation 
  27. Associação dos Comerciantes de Peixe Fresco de Macau
  28. West Line Dance Association
  29. Associação de Orquestra Tauista de Macau / Macao Taoist Orchestra Association 
  30. Associação de Amizade da Música de Canton de Macau
  31. Macau Jazz Promotion Association 
  32. Associação Musical Tuna Macaense
  33. Associação de Handbells de Macau / Macao Handbells Association
  34. Associação de Regentes de Banda de Macau / Macau Band Directors Association 
  35. Associação de A Cappella de Macau / Macao A Cappella Association 
  36. Associação Orquestra Sinfónica Jovem de Macau / Macao Youth Symphony Orchestra Association 
  37. Progress Art Association
  38. Grupo de Artes Performativas da Casa de Portugal em Macau
  39. Associação de Teatro Long Fung / Long Fung Drama Club 
  40. Macau Anglican College
  41. The Association of Wedding and Banquet Planning of Macao
  42. Associação Desafio Jovem Macau / Macau Teen Challenge
  43. Grupo de Banda Marcial da Escola Secundária de Hou Kong 
  44. Royal Parade and Peacock Parade
  45. Colégio Diocesano de São José, Cinta Escola
  46. Associação dos Familiares Encarregados dos Deficientes Mentais de Macau
  47. Clube dos Amigos do Riquexó
  48. Associação de Reabilitação Fu Hong de Macau
  49. Macao Cultural Centre Children’s  Choir 
  50. Cidade de Magia Associação dos Mágicos (Macau) / Magic Place-Magicians' Association(Macau)


Participating groups from China

  1. Pu Ling (China)


Participating groups from Taiwan

  1. Be fantasy bubble arts workshop (Taiwan)
  2. Pantomime Workshop


Participating groups from Hong Kong

  1. Hong Kong Youth Marching Band



Participating groups from Latin America

  1. Traditional Bolivia Folk Dance Group (Bolivia) 
  2. Teatro del Milenio (Peru)
  3. Latin Parade Groups



European participating groups

  1. PIA (Portugal) 
  2. Les Grandes Personnes France and Burkina Faso (França e Burkina Faso)
  3. Italian Flag Wavers Rioni di Cori (Italy)
  4. The Spanish Sun (Spain)