Title:Centennial Retrospective of Lok Cheong's Art
Publication Year:2023
Language:Chinese , English , Portuguese
Size:28.5 X 28
Price:MOP 250.00


The renowned late Macao painter Lok Cheong (1923-2006) made a tremendous contribution to the local painting circle. In celebration of his 100th birthday, the Macao Museum of Art presented Centennial Retrospective of Lok Cheong’s Art. The exhibition is divided into five sections: (1) Love for the Motherland, (2) Capturing the Character of Macao, (3) Portraits, (4) Sketching from the Heart and (5) Works by Fellow Artists. The exhibition showcases a collection of 100 paintings by Lok Cheong, along with some of his sketches and his friends’ remarkable works which are exhibited for the first time. A total of 150 works include oil paintings, watercolours, Chinese paintings, drawings, manuscripts and documents. Together, they cast a light on Lok Cheong’s life, artistic career and legacy. His works are expressive, demonstrating his love for Macao and the motherland. The catalogue encompasses all the exhibits featured in the exhibition, as well as thesis, artist’s chronology, and more.