Title:Fang Lijun - The Light of Dust
Publication Year:2023
Language:Chinese , English , Portuguese
Size:28 X 28
Price:MOP 590.00


Fang Lijun is an emblematic figure of China’s Post-1989 New Art Movement. This exhibition catalogue features images of all the artworks in Fang Lijun: The Light of Dust shown at the Macao Museum of Art, accompanied by research information on each exhibit and several articles on Fang’s oeuvre. Based on the theme ‘Human & Figures’, which examines Fang’s signature, fresh perspectives – particularly his new experiments with different media in the last ten years, the catalogue charts the artist’s portfolio spanning four decades in four main sections: ‘Passage: The Process of Growing Up’, ‘Introspection: Self-Portraits’, ‘Mutual Reflections: Friends’, and ‘The Light of Dust: Human’. The exhibition displays 190 artworks.